Tochal Ski Resort – Tehran

Most travelers visit Iran for the historical sites and to experience rich traditions. However for the winter visitors, there is the opportunity of riding the longest gondola lift to one of the most famous Iranian’s ski resorts.

Tochal Telecabin, located in the north of Tehran, is said to have the longest gondola lift lines with a length of almost 7500 meters. The construction of this telecabin took place back in 1974 with cooperation with a French and Austrian company.


Even though this telecabin was originally built for reaching the ski resort at an altitude of more than 3740 meters, it was soon being used for other recreational activities on the mountain top as well. Besides the ski season, you can ride the gondola lift to the top to enjoy the view and watch the mountain climbers climbing their way up to the peak from the very early hours of the day.

As the main suggests, the mount that this ski resort is located on is called Tochal. It is a mount in the Alborz range that separates the capital for the northern sea. The highest peak of this mountain is at an elevation of almost 4000 meters. From the top of mount Tochal, a spectacular view of mount Damavand (the highest mount peak of Iran at an elevation of 5610 meters) can be observed.


Tochal Telecabin has 4 stations but in the numbering of the stations 3,4 and 6 are skipped. Thus the numbering is as below:

Station 1 at an elevation of 1900 meters which is accessible by car through the main gate of the complex at the north of the capital. This is where you can find many restaurants, a bungee jumping platform, shops and several other recreational attractions.

Try the bungee jumping while you are there!

Try the bungee jumping while there!

Station 2 at an elevation of 2400 meters.

Station 5 at an elevation of 2935 meters.

Station 7 (the last one) at an elevation of 3740 meters. This is the station for the Tochal ski resort and brings you to the main slope.

The view from the first station of the telecabin

The view from the first station of the telecabin

How to get there?

From anywhere in Tehran (the city), getting a taxi to the Velenjak neighborhood where Bam-e-Tehran (mount base of Tochal) is located is the best option. From the main entrance, it is possible to either take the shuttle bus service to the first station of the telecabin, or just simply walk there (this is of course if you are not carrying your own ski equipment. It is also possible to ride your own car to the parking lot located next to the first station (if you own or are renting one).


Even though going to Tochal for skiing is usually a daytrip for many people, there is also the possibility of staying overnight at the hotel nearby which is built in an elevation of 3545 meters above the sea level. The name of the hotel, as you might have guessed it is Tochal Hotel.




–       If you are going to Tochal top in the winter, bear in mind that the weather can be significantly colder than the base (Bam-e-Tehran). Therefore cloth yourself in suitable clothing (eyewear is also highly recommended) and expect blizzards!


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