One of the oldest living things in the world



Sarv e Abarkuh - One of the oldest living things in the world

Sarv-e-AbarKuh or as it is called by some of the locals Sarv-e-Zartosht (Zoroastrian Sarv) is a cedar tree located in Abarkuh. Abarkuh is located in the Yazd province of Iran. According to some speculations, Sarv-e-Abarkuh is 4,000 years old, making it the oldest tree in Iran, the second oldest in Asia and the third oldest in the globe. The circumference of the trunk of the tree on the ground is 11.5 meters and its height is 25 meters.

Due to the proximity of Abarkuh to other major tourist attractions (in Yazd, Isfahan and Shiraz), getting there is no trouble for the tourists. To see the exact location of this tree click here (link opens in google maps).

After 4,000 years, the tree is still fertile as it can be seen from the photo below.



One of the oldest trees in the world



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